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NAMM 2017
13 jan

NAMM 2017

Yes, there is the registration! We will be at the NAMM fair 2017, January 19 - 22, to present the groundbreaking concept of Faster Hands! To make an ...

What is Faster Hands and for whom?

Faster Hands is a new workout method for drummers to improve technique, endurance and speed.

Sit down on your practice pad and begin with the personalized exercises. You will be surprised about your technical skills improvement. Step by step, one by one and with fun!

What does the Faster Hands concept include?

We want you to be a better drummer. Practice rudiments, accents, movements and much more based on a balanced and well-coordinated training plan with the Faster Hands method. With a mixture of exercises, daily lessons are put together.

Personalized Training Plan

Faster Hands adapts itself to your skills. Play the exercises with the adjusted tempos.


The Metronome is automatic and manually programmable and helps you to keep to time during the exercises. A vital tool to use at all times.


Rudiments, accents, etc. are the foundation of every drummer. But often the combinations are difficult to play. Faster Hands will help in your training to becoming the all-round drummer.

Weekly new lessons

Every week we will add new lessons so there is always new tasks to learn with which to improve yourself.

February 2017

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Who is developing Faster Hands?

The idea and concept of Faster Hands comes from the drummer Torsten Geisler. For more than 30 years Torsten has been playing drums in several bands as well as being a drum instructor.
Several developers and designers are working with Torsten to implement the project. One goal is to construct an international collaboration. If you have any ideas and feel like you want to play a part in this project, please contact